The Inspiration: KayKo The Dog

KayKo The Dog



KayKos Dog Shades This all started with our dog Kayko the pit bull. Upon placing a pair of sunglasses on her one sunny California summer day, we noticed how quickly people's perception of her changed. It quickly went from distant and cautious to interactive and joyous. The attention quickly grew and people started asking for a pair of her unique shades. From then on, we've created a unique line of Dog Shades that mimic one of the most popular styles we ourselves wear and have been sharing them with dogs everywhere ever since. Our Shades turn every dog into a positive vibes super dog. Turning frowns upside down anywhere you go.

Smiles back guaranteed

We aren't kidding. We guarantee this product once placed on the beloved face of your four legged companion, will not only bring about a wave of smiles from onlookers and yourself, but it will have the power to turn boredom into excitement, frowns into smiles and strangers into friends. We set out to change the way our Pit bull "Kayko" impacted others and  ended up with a product that's changing the way dogs impact everyone. One memorable interaction at a time