The Inspiration: KayKo The Dog

KayKo The Dog


Kayko The beloved pit bull

The Story of Kaykos Dog Shades starts with our very special pit bull  named Kayko. A rescue dog herself, its safe to say she’s come a long way from the runt in her litter to the only dog with her own unique line of dog sunglasses. Kayko’s owners realized one day how differently people reacted to Kayko when she went on walks wearing a simple pair of sunglasses. At the time they where just held on by a make shift bungee cord. People who use to cross the street on everyday walks seemed to be more eager to meet her and take pictures of her. She went from the intimidating “pit bull” on the block. (A false assumption by the way)To the superstar everyone was interested in meeting. This triggered an idea in the minds of Kayko’s humans. With a background in industrial design they got to work measuring Kayko’s beautiful face in the hopes of creating a new pair of shades. Shades that weren’t only stylish but comfortable. Shades that where more ergonomically fitted to a dogs face.

Smiles back guaranteed

Soon her new pair of Dog Shades became a hit around her neighborhood and her humans noticed how a simple unique pair of dog shades could change the false negative stereotypes of a misunderstood breed of dogs. They began giving them out to other pit bull owners and they reported similar positive results as well. It seemed people didn’t fear pit bulls in sunglasses! Go figure. Kayko’s humans loved the idea of dogs in sunglasses and began making them for more dogs. Thus “ Kayko’s Dog Shades” a unique line of dog sunglasses was born. Now we provide Kayko’s unique shades in three sizes to accommodate almost all dog breeds. We are really happy you're considering joining our ever growing Kayko’s Dog Shades family. All our Shades come with UV protection and we invite you to experience the positive difference a dog in our shades can make and YES! They do stay on. Let your dog experience our light, comfort strap and see for yourself. Kaykos Dog Shades ….The only dog product with a

“ Smiles Back Guarantee.”.